Tips For Getting Settled In Spain – Resident Card, Bank, School, Phone

So you’ve successfully navigated your way through the paperwork of obtaining a Spanish Resident Visa.  You’ve got your brand-spanking new visa affixed to your passport.  Now what?  You have 90 days to officially register in Spain and obtain your resident card (NIE – Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros), so the clock starts the moment you get your visa. Continue reading

Morocco With Kids – 13 Tips for Marrakech

Upon arrival into Marrakech Morocco, we didn’t instantly fall in love.  As Alan described in our Driving in Morocco post, it was dark and there was an instant unfamiliar buzz and chaos.  Here we will share with you some tips for Morocco with kids, specifically in Marrakech, but these tips would work for most tourists spots around the globe.  As with any destination, regardless of their economics, you need to use your common sense.  We do understand, at times, it is easier said than done. Continue reading