Something Smells Fishy, Grilled Sardines in Almunecar Spain

Of course seafood is in abundance when living along the Mediterranean Sea.  Each summer little Barbacoa (Barbecue) stands pop up along the beach and many of the “summer only” restaurants light up their barbacoa too.  Last summer, Lars kept asking if he could try the sardines, that were just about every 100 yards along the beach.  Because they were plentiful, I kept telling him we would do it later.  Well in mid-September, we finally went to the beach so Lars could sample the ever so popular Grilled Sardines on a skewer.

Barbacoa Grilled Sardines Almuencar Spain (1)

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Testing The Spanish Fruits Of Almuñécar

As the biggest Non-Foodie in the household, it’s probably a bit odd that I’m doing a food post.  (Actually, Heidi is really twisting my arm…just kidding honey.)  In general, when it comes to new foods I pretty much avoid them, but I made an exception for today’s post:  Fruits.  Specifically, Spanish fruits grown locally right here in Almuñecar.Fresh Fruit at the Local Market Continue reading