Wagoner TV, Episode 03 – Almuñécar, Spain

We hope you enjoy our third episode of Wagoner TV.  This is filmed in our small Spanish Village of Almuñécar, Spain.

An American family living in Almuñécar, SpainWe aren’t always the most creative, but we do have fun making the show.  If you have any comments or suggestions of what you would like to see, please comment below or on YouTube.

The kids LOVE to read the comments!  Thanks for reading/watching.  Experiences are the best gifts ever and will last a lifetime. Enjoy your experiences today. Continue reading

Where It’s Made – Spanish Guitars

Greetings Everyone!  We’re starting 2013 off on a strong note (good one Alan!).  As I’m the guitar fan in the family, this was a particular treat for me.  We took a tour of a local Master guitar maker’s shop, and it was fascinating.

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