Spain Expat – Getting Settled check list

When you are moving abroad, so much planning and preparation is involved.  It is always handy to have a check list, to be sure you haven’t missed anything.  Once you move abroad, that doesn’t mean the check list stops.  There is even more to do to get settled into your new location.  Here is a sample of our check list of To Do’s once we arrived in Spain: Continue reading

Where are we going to live? (Part 2) Searching for a Rental in Spain

Good-bye wonderful Valencia.

Where are we going to live Part 1

The house hunt for this American family living abroad continues

While in Valencia, I was in communication with a nice British couple, living in La Herradura, as they had a short-term rental in Almuñécar. That rental rented faster than we could get the money to them, so we didn’t get that one. Continue reading

Two big ticket items are crossed off of the To Do List (Spanish Visa + Flights)

 Spanish Visa has been approvedThis is feeling very “real” now!  Things are just plugging away as if it was meant to be. We will have to tell you about all of the “coincidences” or “perfect timing” that we have encountered on this journey thus far, including our Spanish Visa. Continue reading

Where oh where is that Spanish non lucrative visa?

Well it has been nearly 3 months since we submitted all of our paperwork for the non lucrative visa in Spain and it seems like a lifetime.  We are so anxious to make more firm plans and stop living with “tentative dates” and limbo plans.  The consulate did tell us 3-6 months, so we have a long way to go. Continue reading