Anya’s First Flamenco Dance Recital

Greetings One & All!

With all of the hard work and practice that Anya has been doing, her chance to flamenco dance in public finally came to fruition.  Short version:  She did a fantastic!  Long version:  Well, you’ll just have to continue reading.

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Spanish Culture in Harmony with Modern Times

In harmony with modern times

In these modern times, so much of “old tradition” is overlooked …

Back in the U.S., with growth from the cities to the suburbs, there is less countryside to appreciate. The modern times have taken over with Shopping malls, fast food, the general suburbia is everywhere. Don’t get me wrong this is full of convenience and most of what you need is at your finger tips. And yes, I do realize this isn’t ALL of the U.S., but just a generalization. Continue reading