Spanish Immersion Is The Kick In The Pants I Needed

After a few years of living in Spain, both Heidi and I should be further along with our Spanish.  She’s actually much better than me, and I won’t even discuss how well the kids do.  It’s both frustrating and a bit humbling to have them correct me when I’m saying things wrong.  So, I have taken a trip to Ronda, for a week of Spanish immersion.  I know we already live in Spain, but this is different and we’re partnering with Entrelenguas to help me improve my Spanish.

Spanish Immersion is the perfect way to either jump start learning Spanish or give you the kick in the pants like me, so we are off to Ronda Spain. Click to read more on

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Ronda Spain and An Amazing Prehistoric Cave – Off The Beaten Path

I wrote about our visit to Ronda in the last post, and this one covers the second day of our trip.  We not only cover more of Ronda, we also explore an Amazing Prehistoric Cave, we like to go off the beaten path!

Ronda Day 2 – Let’s See Some Really Old Paintings  

Sunday started off just as Saturday did, with everyone waking up at a reasonable hour.  Once dressed, we made our way to the small restaurant located in the lodge. Continue reading

1 Day In Ronda Spain and A Town Where People Live Under a Rock!

Greetings One & All,

I’m doing the write-up for our weekend getaway to Ronda Spain.  This was a fantastic weekend!  It was not too long, and not too short.  Just right. If you are traveling to Spain, we highly recommend making a trip to visit the incredible town or Ronda Spain and we even have a couple of side trips to suggest.

Ronda Spain perched up in the cliffs, an incredible place to visit. Read more on

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