10 Things To Do In Rome With Kids

So you have planned a trip to Rome with kids and are worried about them having a good time. Here are some great things to do and many can be free.

So you have planned a trip to Rome with kids and are worried about them having a good time. Here are some great things to do and many can be free.  Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

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Road Trips In Europe! – 6 Weeks Of Accommodation Reviewed

It’s time to start planning those summer Road Trips

Many people enjoy road trips in Europe and we wanted to experience one as well.  We plotted and planned our adventure and experienced one of the best road trips ever!  We spent 6 weeks on our road trip roaming around Europe and only booked the first couple of legs of our trip in advance.  After that, it was free-flowing.   Continue reading

Going To The Chapel and We’re Gonna Get Married, In Rome!

Okay, so we aren’t getting married ‘cause we already are!  However, if you want to get married in Rome or would like to see others get married by the minute, then we can tell you where to go!  I am still catching up on things to share with you from our 6 week European Road Trip.  We have so much to share, but it takes loads of time to weed through all of the photos.

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We Went Camping In Rome!

As a family of 4 we like to try out all types of accommodation options and this Summer Road Trip was to be no different.  We aren’t your typical hotel goers, as we prefer a little more space or unusual places.  That said, there are times when a hotel fits the bill for short stays. We have stayed in a cave house, a ferry, boat hotels, but most often, we like to rent apartments, so why not try camping in Rome?

Camping in Rome - I Pini Family Park

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Before leaving Spain, we promised Lars he could have a new soccer ball (fútbol) to take on our Summer Road Trip.  Well, as you may have guessed it wasn’t high priority prior to leaving and we didn’t get a chance to pick one up.  Our new promise was to pick one up in Italy.  Our second day in Rome we asked our campsite staff where we should go to purchase a fútbol.  The provided us directions to a big mall just on the outer ring road around Rome.  Not a problem as it was a straight shot to get there in our car.  Who let the dogs out Continue reading

When in Rome… A Child’s Thoughts

During our travels, Anya is generally a Go With the Flow kind of kid. She just soaks things in, and doesn’t ask much in the way of questions.

Not when in Rome!  She was absolutely full of questions once we arrived in the city.  It all started on the train ride where we saw a nun.  She was dressed in an outfit that was obviously meant for a nun, but I do not know the order.  It was not all black, but more of a white color.  Her wimple (hat) was also a bit different.

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A Ferry from Spain to Rome ? Departing from Barcelona!

So what is the fastest way to get to Rome from Spain with 2 Adults, 2 Kids and a Car? Take the Ferry from Spain to Rome, of course.  Our summer travel plans have us exploring Italy, Switzerland and a bit of France and Spain.  We thought about driving along the Med going and then returning on a different route.  This was great, but we were so excited to visit Rome and wanted to get there as soon as possible, before the very hot and high tourist season.Spain Ferry to Italy

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