The 7 Best Family Party Games Full Of Amazing Fun!

When I think of the holidays, I always think of fun family party games!  When I was growing up, in a household with 6 kids, every holiday was full of energy, games, and entertainment.  Sometimes we would be out on the driveway playing basketball, or football on the front lawn, but indoors we would always enjoy family games.  Charades, Pictionary, and Trivial Pursuit were always favorites of mine.

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Kitchens Are Made To Bring Families Together


Wow, how does time fly by so fast.  We have been on the go for so long, we finally just had a very low profile weekend at home. The weather was perfect and we had plenty of chill time. We kicked off the weekend with drinks and tapas with some British friends from our Spanish class. The goal was for us to speak in Spanish with each other. That lasted all of 2 minutes and instead it was a fun get to know you evening. Continue reading