Nerja Caves Frequently Asked Questions

Come on over and visit the caves of Nerja!

The caves in Nerja Spain date back millions of years.  It was during the Triassic period, large quantities of calcareous mud settled on the bottom of the ancient Mediterranean sea, later transforming into the calcareous-dolomite marble which at present surround the caves.

You should visit the Nerja Caves in Costa del Sol. You should visit the Nerja Caves in Costa del Sol. Here are the top tips to prepare you for your visit to the caves of Nerja. Also known as Cuevas de Nerja. Read more on


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Ronda Spain and An Amazing Prehistoric Cave – Off The Beaten Path

I wrote about our visit to Ronda in the last post, and this one covers the second day of our trip.  We not only cover more of Ronda, we also explore an Amazing Prehistoric Cave, we like to go off the beaten path!

Ronda Day 2 – Let’s See Some Really Old Paintings  

Sunday started off just as Saturday did, with everyone waking up at a reasonable hour.  Once dressed, we made our way to the small restaurant located in the lodge. Continue reading