From Luxury to Misery, 8 Weeks of Accommodation

We traveled over 6000km in Spain & France and stayed in all types of accommodation.  We covered it all from Luxury to Misery, ya know the “Get me out of here!” kind.  Now it’s time to share it all with you, every place we stayed during our 8 week European road trip. Yes, we will include what we thought and the costs too.  Keep on reading!

From Luxury to Misery 8 Weeks of Accommodation - European Road Trip. Click to read more on

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How To Choose Where To Live in Spain (Scoping Trip)

Planning a holiday in Spain?  Need Accommodation on the fly or in advance?

In the Spring of 2012, we arrived for our 8 day Holiday in Spain (A Scoping Trip before our actual move to Spain).  This was our trip to compare what we have seen on-line to “real” life.  We wanted to choose where we were going to live in Spain.  We had quite a bit of ground to cover and came prepared with our criteria.  We only made a few advance plans:

  1. Our flights in/out of Madrid
  2. A rental car for 8 days
  3. 1 nights accommodation in Madrid, so we could recoup the day of arrival. Continue reading