Adventures With Anya – I Go Paragliding In Spain!

When we first moved to Spain a few years ago, we would see people flying around in the sky with parachutes (paragliding).  We had no idea what it was and drove over to La Herradura to check it out.  It turns out this is one of the best places for paragliding in Spain, right over the Mediterranean Sea!  We watched so many of them floating in the sky and then landing on the beach.  I knew I wanted to try it one day, as I love to try anything that is full of adventure.

Adventures with Anya - The best place to go Paragliding in Spain. Read more on or watch the video on YouTube

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Do you see what I see? (Paragliding – La Herradura, Spain)

We intentionally selected Almuñecar as our home, because of the proximity to both the Sea and the Mountains. We so enjoy nature and this was the best of both worlds. Little did we know, there would be so many extra bonus features. Since the first week we arrived in September, we regularly see people Paragliding - La Herradura, Spainhere in Spain.

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