2017 Christmas & New Years Destinations Announced!

You wouldn’t think it would be a difficult task to select our 2017 Christmas destination this year, but we did have a bit of back and forth with several destinations.  We want to thank everyone who made suggestions via comments, email and Facebook.  None of your suggestions will go to waste, but some may have to be for a future trip.  It is a double destination holiday for us, so keep on reading to find out where.

Where will Wagoners Abroad spend 2017 Christmas & New Years? This is the big announcement and Europe wins again! Read more about this traveling family of 4 on WagonersAbroad.com

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Happy New Year 2014 – Fireworks And A Fire In Almuñécar!

If there is one thing that we’ve learned from living in Spain for 16 months, it’s that the Spanish love to celebrate.  It seems the smallest of occasions are reason to celebrate, as well as the standard world-wide events such as New Year’s Eve.  And when there is a celebration in Spain, it’s usually coupled with plenty of fireworks.  The best fireworks we have ever seen were here in Almuñécar last August, celebrating Fiesta de la Virgen de la Antigua.  A full 25 minutes of professional, crazy sparks with music and amazing effects.  We took a video and cut it down to about 8 minutes, which happens to be one of our most popular videos on our YouTube Channel. New Years Eve Fireworks Continue reading

The Eve Of The New Year (2014)

We each have our 12 grapes ready to go and the fireworks have been booming here and there all night.
Happy New Year from Wagoners Abroad in SpainWe were going to go out tonight, but just decided to stay home. We have a spectacular view of the full town and sea right from our terrace.

So we should have a great view of the fireworks and festivities. Last year, we enjoyed everything at the town plaza. We will share photos, if we get some good ones. The kids are so excited.

Happy New Year from Almuñecar, Spain

Our preparations for New Years Eve in Almuñécar, Spain

Our preparations for New Years Eve in Almuñécar, Spain

A few days ago we returned from a wonderful trip to Paris.  Now what should we do for New Years Eve?  I did a little research on-line and read that the town of Almuñécar hosts a party in the main town square, just in front of the Town Hall.  Our research also included a little asking around and found out about the Spanish traditions on New Years Eve. Continue reading