The Naturist Experiment Revealed – He Said

Here on Wagoners Abroad, we frequently write about embracing the culture.  Most of the time, it makes for notable experiences and fun.  Sometimes though, we need to force ourselves out of our comfort zone. Continue reading

The Naturist Experiment Revealed – She Said

Last week we told you that we were going to embrace the culture here in Spain and revealed to you our “Naturist Experiment”.  The Naked Truth – Naturist Experiment

Time to step out, I mean Waaaay out, of our comfort zone.  Alan and I are each doing a post on this topic with a He Said and She Said theme.  We aren’t going to read the others post until ours is complete, so we don’t change what we were thinking.  With that, you may find some information duplicative. Continue reading

The Naked Truth – Naturist Experiment

NaturistA year ago if you asked me if Alan and I were Naturists, I would have said yes.  I would have thought it meant we were lovers of Nature and all things natural.  The Naked Truth was masked from me.  Little did I know what it really meant, especially here in Europe. Continue reading