Next Up For Wagoners Abroad – Decision Made!

Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia

Having fun in Southeast Asia! The Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia

As we mentioned previously, we have been trying to figure out what to do next.  You can read all about it in our recent post.  Decisions, Decisions – What’s Next For Wagoners Abroad?  So now it is time to let you in on the plan, but first let me tell you how we got there. Continue reading

Saying good-bye to the Y (YMCA) Thank You!

It is never enough to just say Thank you or give a hug and promise you will keep in touch. I wanted to send a letter to the Cary Family YMCA to express how much they have meant to us over the years, but thought would the counselors actually see the letter?  Will they really understand how much they mean to us?

Josh YMCA Counselor

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One more week!

One more week!

Things are just humming along, yet it feels like we are just waiting.   Our social calendar is jam-packed with good-bye hugs and a Craigslist frenzy too.  We have sold most everything and living with lawn furniture. The kids mattresses went today and we will post our bed later today.

We will move to a hotel early in the week and we migrate to a rental car and sell Alan’s car.  The final shut down is coming along. We ordered some Euros from the bank and they will arrive Tuesday. Time to start living out of our suitcases. The final packing will be complete by Monday.

This is soooo exciting!

How To Sell on Craigslist – Declutter Your Life

How to sell on Craigslist

Third and final “Craigslist Cleanse” for our move to Spain.

Our 1st and heartiest cleanse was in December. We really did a deep dive to sell all items that were excess, bulky, or provided storage for our clutter. Continue reading

Breaking up with my job, “Let’s be friends” (Heidi)

quit my job

The Blind Date

Twelve years ago Alan and I did the “quit my job” action in California and decided to just up and move to North Carolina. It was mid April and we took a few days to drive around CA and NV to say goodbye to family and friends. Continue reading

How did we adjust to downsizing from a 4500+ sq foot home to a 3 bed apartment?

downsizing isn't so bad

Our daily routine for the summer.

Adjusting to Downsizing

Okay, so we were very spoiled and had a fantastic home.  We were now living in a 3 bedroom apartment about the size of our Master Suite plus an extra bedroom.  We thought we sold so much and did a great job of de-cluttering, but the remainder needed to fit into the apartment or storage. Continue reading

Selling your home vs renting out, while living abroad?

selling your home

The Decision – Are you selling your home?

Now that we decided we were going for the big move, what should we do with our lovely home of nearly 11 years?  This was our first home. This was the longest either of us had lived anywhere. This was where our children were born and raised.  Continue reading