Taste of Morocco – Lars Enjoying The Moroccan Food & Drink

When it comes to experiencing new things, we all have our favorites.  Alan and Anya are always up for a new adrenaline rush and if it looks like a thrill they are all over it.  I am always up for joining in with the locals and just being part of whatever local tradition is happening.  When it comes to trying new foods, Lars is the taste testing Man!  He loves to experience and taste new foods.  He is far more courageous than the rest of us, and an inspiration to get us to go beyond our food comfort zones. Continue reading

Moroccan Souks – Vendors Galore!

As Heidi mentioned in previous posts, we stayed in the Medina while we were in Marrakech and Essaouira.  If you go to Morocco, checking out the local Moroccan Souks are one of those “must do” type of things.  We had fun getting lost (not really), and just wandering around.  In this post, I’ll talk about our experiences walking through the various souks (marketplace or bazaar).  It’s fun to show the kids a different way of buying and selling goods. Continue reading

Look Who’s Cooking In Marrakech – Faim d’Epices

So…Where to begin?  I am probably the least qualified to write this post.  Why?  Well, it’s about food, and as you know, I’m the least Foodie person here at Wagoners Abroad.  I’m more of a Meat & Potatoes kind of guy, so when Heidi told me that we were going to do a cooking class while in Morocco, the conversation went something like this:Cooking In Marrakech Morocco with Faim d'Epices - far more than a typical cooking class. You have Foodie FUN & learn about typical Moroccan culture and traditions too. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

Continue reading