Chiang Mai Meditation Retreat With A Buddhist Monk

When we did the Monk Chat, we found out that they provide a Chiang Mai Meditation Retreat Workshop.  It sounded interesting, so it was decided that Lars and I would the ones who would be learning to meditate.

Meditation Retreat Chiang Mai- Are looking for the Chiang Mai Meditation Retreat with a Buddhist Monk? We have the info you need right here Mediation retreat in Chiang Mai Thailand. Read more on

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Monk Chat Chiang Mai Thailand

Since we’ve been in Thailand, the kids have been very curious about all of the monks we see around town.  They are full of great questions, questions for which we really didn’t know the answers.  Of course we would often refer to our friend Google for many of them, but they wanted more.  I knew there was a few Monk Chat Chiang Mai, so I decided to find one that would fit our schedule.  Read all about our chat and how it gave us a thirst for more learning.

We tell you how and where to have a Monk Chat in Chiang Mai Thailand. It is free and they are open to all questions, of course they will ask you some too. Read more on

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