Spain Expat – Getting Settled check list

When you are moving abroad, so much planning and preparation is involved.  It is always handy to have a check list, to be sure you haven’t missed anything.  Once you move abroad, that doesn’t mean the check list stops.  There is even more to do to get settled into your new location.  Here is a sample of our check list of To Do’s once we arrived in Spain: Continue reading

Where are we going to live in Spain? (Part 3 – Ta Da!)

Where are we going to live in Spain? Part 1

Where are we going to live in Spain ? Part 2

As mentioned previously, we viewed several places our first day here. The one we loved the most was advertised as a holiday rental. We inquired to see if he would rent long-term and waited for his reply. We did hear back from the landlord and he was willing to rent out his place long-term!  We canceled our viewing appointments that were set up for Tuesday and Wednesday.  So after just a day here, we have a place to live in Spain! Continue reading

Where are we going to live? (Part 2) Searching for a Rental in Spain

Good-bye wonderful Valencia.

Where are we going to live Part 1

The house hunt for this American family living abroad continues

While in Valencia, I was in communication with a nice British couple, living in La Herradura, as they had a short-term rental in Almuñécar. That rental rented faster than we could get the money to them, so we didn’t get that one. Continue reading

Where are we going to live in Spain?

 American family living abroadI wish we knew! If it stresses you out not knowing where we are going to settle in, just know we are winging it just fine so far. The problem is we have too many good choices and can’t decide. Not to worry, we will figure it out. Want to know how this American family living abroad made decisions? Continue reading

The plane trip across the pond…

If you recall from our previous post, we were stressed about the luggage situation for our trip across the pond. We were not only worried about the airport, but also if it all would fit into the USA rental car as well as Spain rental car. We were also in fear of the $100 per extra checked bag (if carry on didn’t qualify) as well as our checked luggage either being over weight or over sized (big duffel bag) $200 per bag.
across the pond  Continue reading

Departure Day Has Arrived!

Today is the day to leave the country and begin what we hope is the fun part of the adventure. I have to say the past 11 months of planning and preparing has been “fun”, but this is what it has all been for.  This has been the project of all projects and now we can reap the rewards!  We leave on a late flight this evening, so I am sure the day will take time to pass. We have a long journey ahead via DC and Frankfurt prior to arriving in Barcelona on Sunday.  We will be keeping the blog and Facebook up to date with the activities of the Wagoner Family.

First thing this morning, a little panic set in… OH MY GOODNESS… what are we doing?  Did we remember to do everything to prepare for this trip? I have to admit, we were not a diligent with our Spanish lessons as we should have been. We will pay the price for that, without a doubt. I guess we opted for the sink or swim model.  Are we taking the correct things in our luggage, too much, too little? Oh well, guess we just go and wing it!


To Do List – Move To Spain From USA

move to spainOf course we have a list for everything, so we thought we’d share the mama list with you! These aren’t currently in any order, just a list that need to have all checked off.  Of course we keep adding to it as well.

To do prior to the move to Spain Continue reading

Just 2 more days!

We were fortunate enough to be able to meet with several of my former colleagues last night for happy hour. It was sure great to see everyone and they will all be missed. Several questions were asked of us, so I thought you may have the same questions as well.
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