Nearly 10 Months Living in Spain – What do the Kids Think?

Live in Spain - 10 MonthsI can’t believe it has been nearly a year since we made the move to live in Spain.  This week marks the end of the first full school year for the kids.  Education in Spain has been a bit different for us, but we have no doubt the kids have learned far more than what text books alone could teach them.  They have experienced many different things and have been exposed to many different nationalities and languages, attending their Spanish public school.   Continue reading

Where It’s Made – Spanish Guitars

Greetings Everyone!  We’re starting 2013 off on a strong note (good one Alan!).  As I’m the guitar fan in the family, this was a particular treat for me.  We took a tour of a local Master guitar maker’s shop, and it was fascinating.

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Happy New Year from Almuñecar, Spain

Our preparations for New Years Eve in Almuñécar, Spain

Our preparations for New Years Eve in Almuñécar, Spain

A few days ago we returned from a wonderful trip to Paris.  Now what should we do for New Years Eve?  I did a little research on-line and read that the town of Almuñécar hosts a party in the main town square, just in front of the Town Hall.  Our research also included a little asking around and found out about the Spanish traditions on New Years Eve. Continue reading

How Can You Afford a Career Break? (Gap Year, Sabbatical, etc)

Time for a Career Break, Gap Year, Sabbatical?This is the question that mystifies most, thus we are regularly asked it in one form or another. Many people don’t like to bring up the subject, especially those we know in the United States. It is socially seen as “impolite” to ask such things, but not in our eyes!  Ask away. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight forward answer. The best answer I can think of is “We worked very hard, made it a priority, simplified and saved”.

How Can You Afford a Career Break?

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Traveling with Electronics

This may be a bit of a “geeky” post, but I wanted to describe the thought processes we went through.  As I’m the Resident Geek in the family, I had some definitive ideas as to how to approach things.  Due to the cost, we wanted to do all of our purchasing in the U.S., as prices in Europe are usually 15% – 20% higher for the same product.

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Spain Expat – Getting Settled check list

When you are moving abroad, so much planning and preparation is involved.  It is always handy to have a check list, to be sure you haven’t missed anything.  Once you move abroad, that doesn’t mean the check list stops.  There is even more to do to get settled into your new location.  Here is a sample of our check list of To Do’s once we arrived in Spain: Continue reading

Where are we going to live in Spain? (Part 3 – Ta Da!)

Where are we going to live in Spain? Part 1

Where are we going to live in Spain ? Part 2

As mentioned previously, we viewed several places our first day here. The one we loved the most was advertised as a holiday rental. We inquired to see if he would rent long-term and waited for his reply. We did hear back from the landlord and he was willing to rent out his place long-term!  We canceled our viewing appointments that were set up for Tuesday and Wednesday.  So after just a day here, we have a place to live in Spain! Continue reading