5 Free Car Games For Your Family Road Trip!


We are a family of four from North Carolina and have taken countless road trips and airplane trips since the kids were born.  Our kids are now 8 and 10 years old and love travel games.  Over the years we have figured out how to make Family Road Trips “smooth sailing” and keep the entire family laughing too.  Don’t tell the kids, but they are also being educated at the same time with these car games.  If they knew this, they wouldn’t play the “games”.  We can modify all of these new bingo games to suit our international travel as well.

5 Free Car Games - Your kids will love these travel games for your road trip. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com

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What will you do about education in Spain for your kids?

This is a tough one and as with all of our plans, we have a Plan A, B, C and combo plans.  With each decision in this process it is more like a decision tree to figure out what we will do for education in Spain.  You make one choice to an option and that leads you down a path with yet more options.

Learning Spanish Language at School in Spain - Education in Spain

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