Road Trips In Europe! – 6 Weeks Of Accommodation Reviewed

It’s time to start planning those summer Road Trips

Many people enjoy road trips in Europe and we wanted to experience one as well.  We plotted and planned our adventure and experienced one of the best road trips ever!  We spent 6 weeks on our road trip roaming around Europe and only booked the first couple of legs of our trip in advance.  After that, it was free-flowing.   Continue reading

Great Moments – Lake Garda Italy

Over the course of our Summer 2013 road trip, we had a lot of experiences.  Some of the most memorable for me were very simple.  It didn’t matter so much the What we were doing, the thing that stands out for me was that they were great moments because we were connecting as a family.  The best memory of the trip was when we rented a boat on Lake Garda Italy.

Lake Garda Italy - Boat Rental

Lake Garda Italy – Boat Rental

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