Sailing Charter in Costa Tropical

Greetings One and All.  I must be the luckiest guy on the planet.  “Why?” you ask?  Because I get to do super cool stuff and then write about it.  So what’s on tap today?  A Sailing charter in Costa Tropical!  And if you’re one of those impatient types who want to skip ahead, well then yes, we had a great time!

A luxuruy sailing charter in Costa Tropical Spain, from the Marina del Este in La Herradura. Sailing the Med, kayaks, paddle boards, food and drinks too! Read more on

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Learning Subjunctive Spanish Workshop

Welcome back to Wagoners Abroad Adults learning Subjunctive Spanish!  Heidi and I have been off learning about a new “mode” that is used when speaking Spanish.  It was a 3-day workshop, and the TL;DR is that we had a good time, and learned a lot.

Learning Subjunctive Spanish!  We share information about the subjuntive conjugation and a special 3-day workshop in La Herradura! Read more on

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Adventures With Anya – I Go Paragliding In Spain!

When we first moved to Spain a few years ago, we would see people flying around in the sky with parachutes (paragliding).  We had no idea what it was and drove over to La Herradura to check it out.  It turns out this is one of the best places for paragliding in Spain, right over the Mediterranean Sea!  We watched so many of them floating in the sky and then landing on the beach.  I knew I wanted to try it one day, as I love to try anything that is full of adventure.

Adventures with Anya - The best place to go Paragliding in Spain. Read more on or watch the video on YouTube

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Through the Eyes of the Traveling Child – Olivia From La Herradura, Spain

Look who responded to our interview, Through the Eyes of the Traveling Child”. It’s Olivia! This interview is a little unique as she and her parents have moved to La Herradura and live just minuets from us in Almuñécar, what a treat.

With La Herradura as background and a horsie she found on the beach

Olivia with La Herradura as background and a horsie she found on the beach

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Anya’s First Flamenco Dance Recital

Greetings One & All!

With all of the hard work and practice that Anya has been doing, her chance to flamenco dance in public finally came to fruition.  Short version:  She did a fantastic!  Long version:  Well, you’ll just have to continue reading.

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Carnaval La Heradura – Our Grand Finale

Carnaval La Herradura (9)The Carnaval season has sadly come to an end.  We spent the kick of weekend experiencing Carnaval of Cádiz and had a wonderful time.  It was good fun to listen and watch the Chirigotas and be part of the Big Carnaval energy.  This weekend we were able to close Carnaval locally, in the small village of La Herradura.  This is just a 5 min drive from Almuñécar, so a no brainer for a Saturday night activity.  Continue reading

Where It’s Made – Spanish Guitars

Greetings Everyone!  We’re starting 2013 off on a strong note (good one Alan!).  As I’m the guitar fan in the family, this was a particular treat for me.  We took a tour of a local Master guitar maker’s shop, and it was fascinating.

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Do you see what I see? (Paragliding – La Herradura, Spain)

We intentionally selected Almuñecar as our home, because of the proximity to both the Sea and the Mountains. We so enjoy nature and this was the best of both worlds. Little did we know, there would be so many extra bonus features. Since the first week we arrived in September, we regularly see people Paragliding - La Herradura, Spainhere in Spain.

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