The Spanglish Stage

When we first arrived in Spain, we only spoke Spanish when we needed to. In other words to get food, accommodations, directions etc.  It wasn’t much different than being a tourist. We could get by and get the basics accomplished.  Now it was time to really study Spanish. Continue reading

Meet The Teacher

Last week each of the kids brought home a note stating it was “Reunion night with the Teacher” on Monday October 1st.  It stated that cycle 1 and 2 would meet at 4pm and cycle 3 would meet at 5pm.  We assumed it was a meet the teacher type of event, so we were very excited to attend.   Continue reading

First Day of Public Spanish School?

First Day of School – not Monday

So it’s Monday night, and I’ve filled out the (hopefully) last of the paperwork. Tomorrow, we’ll get up early (8AM is early for us), and turn it in. So after a good night’s rest, it’s 7:58, and Lars comes bounding in the bedroom. “It’s time to wake up! We need to turn in the paperwork so we can start on Wednesday.” Continue reading

Registration for Public School in Spain

As of Friday morning we had all of the required paperwork for registration for school in Spain. We finalized out rental contract Thursday afternoon and stopped by the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) to obtain our Certificado de Empadronamiento (register as official citizens of the community). Continue reading

Public School in Spain? Let the research begin.

Our preliminary research showed that school in Spain started on September 17th in the Southern part of Spain. Upon arrival, we decided to stop by a public elementary school; just to be sure we had researched properly.  Continue reading