The Beauty of County Kerry

Located in South-West Ireland, County Kerry features an excellent range of diverse landscapes.  From the beautiful beaches, unspoiled grassland and rolling hills in North Kerry, to the rugged coastline and mountainous desert high in South Kerry. County Kerry is part of Munster province, with Tralee as its county town. It is not only the residents of County Kerry that enjoy the value of the landscape. Kerry is famous around the world for its magnificent views, which are one of its major features that attract tourists every year.
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I Kissed the Blarney Stone, And I Liked It!

I don’t remember when I heard about the famed Blarney Stone, but I was probably in elementary school.  But do you know WHY the Blarney Stone is famous, and WHY you’re supposed to kiss it?  If you’re like me, I didn’t know the WHY either.  But that has changed recently.  Before I get into the details, let’s me give you a run-down of the history of not only the Blarney Stone, but the castle and grounds that are associated with it.

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