Avoid This Recipe For Disaster – The Ultimate Travel Day

We’ve all had them and after 3 years of travel I can tell you we have had more than our fair share.  Yep it is the dreaded Travel Day!  These can go smooth as silk or they can be a complete nightmare.  We will share one of our recipes for disaster with you and then we will share some what we have learned along the way with our 7 Tips For A Pleasant Travel Day.

Recipe for Disaster or 7 Tips For a Pleasant Travel Day with kids

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How Long Do Appliances Last In Spain?

I have noticed that many things we use and or purchase in Spain just don’t last as long; it could be that we are buying on the cheap or the quality just isn’t the same.

Take shoes for example, we have to buy Lars and Anya shoes every 2-3 months.  Now this isn’t because their feet are growing so fast. No, it’s because they wear through their shoes like there is no tomorrow.  I am talking holes in the toes or on the sole of their shoe.  I am not sure if it is the quality of the shoe that is the problem, or are the kids just far more active than they were in the US?  Perhaps it is a combo of both, but this trend of things wearing out spans to other areas for us as well, like our Spanish appliances.


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The Women Adore Me In Spain

The title says it all.  In the interests of full disclosure, it’s really older women.  OK.  OK.  Not just older, but old.  And truth be told, it’s not women, but a woman.  I guess adore is a pretty strong word too.  Appreciate is probably a more apt description.  That’s about enough full disclosure for me.

The brief interaction I had today put an extra bounce in my step, and reinforces my love of Spain, and Almuñécar in particular.

¿Qué hora es?   The Time Is

You barely make me out, but I’m there.

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Mayor for a Day

Our visibility continues to increase.  We’ve done so many articles on what it’s like to live here in idyllic Almuñécar that we became noticed by local officials in the Ayuntamiento (the equivalent of a Town Hall).  Apparently the wife of the Town Planner found our site through a friend.  She told her husband, and he brought it up to the Equipo de Gobierno (Government Team).


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Pass The Paper – The Odd Differences In Spanish Schools

Hey, its Lars today I will be writing about some, uh what’s the word, different things in school. First of all in Spain, the schools are not fancy; they are very basic and plain. About a month ago, my parents had completed some paperwork and enrolled me in a school. My parents were given a list of supplies: a “rubber” (eraser), 6 rolls of toilet paper, and some note books.

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