Goodbye Gma Bev – 3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries

She did it!  Just a reminder for those of you just joining us.  We set out on an Adventure333 (3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries+).  3 generations (my 72 year-old mom – Gma Bev), to cover 3 countries (Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia), in just 3 months (November, December, January).  Our amazing Adventure333 has come to an end and Gma Bev made it all the way!

Wagoners Abroad says Goodbye Gma Bev - Advneture 333 is over. 3 Generations, 3 Months, 3 Countries+

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1 Month Of Expenses In Laos & Vietnam

It seems that you like to slice and dice the data as much as I do.  Actually, I think you like me slicing and dicing the data, and you like to consume the output any way I give it to you.  So for grins and fun for me, you get to see our expenses for the month of December 2014, which includes Laos and Vietnam.  If you just want to see the breakdown by Country, then just scroll down a little further.

1 month Expenses Laos and Vietnam - Wagoners Abroad

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25 Nights of Accommodation in Vietnam

I guess you could say everything wasn’t coming up roses with our accommodation in Vietnam.  We spent 25 nights in Vietnam from the North to the South (Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City) and a few extra guests joined us on occasion.

26 Nights Accommodation in Vietnam

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Gma Bev’s Shenanigans In Vietnam – Scams Too!

If you haven’t noticed by now, Gma Bev likes to do her own thing.  Sometimes she meets amazing people and other times, she may have a little mishap.  When she visited us in Spain, a couple of years ago, she was “mugged” in Gibraltar.  We’ve also shared her Shenanigans In Laos last month.  This month we will share what she was up to in Vietnam.  Let’s just say it wasn’t quite as mellow as Laos or as innocent as her mugging in Gibraltar.  Vietnam was full of energy, scooters and scams.  We share it all with you here!

Gma Bev's Shenanigans In Vietnam - Scams Too!3 Generations traveling in 3 Countries for 3 Months! What do you think Gma Bev has been up to? We share her stories and scams with you from Vietnam!

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How To Cross The Street In Vietnam

We arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam late at night.  The streets weren’t too crowded and it seemed to be a typical city vibe for 10 pm.  There were a few pedestrians out and about and a light consistent traffic flow around our hostel.  Little did we know what we would be in for the next morning when crossing the street in Vietnam!

It can be a bit overwhelming when crossing the street in Vietnam for the first time.  We learned how to cross the street in Vietnam like the locals. It is a great feeling to accomplish such a task and we share our tips with you and a video too! Read more on

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