Adventures With Anya: How To Donate Hair!

About six months ago, we were traveling in Asia.  It was so hot there and my hair was so long, I just wanted to cut it all off.  My mom told me to wait until we were in the USA, because it would be easier to get it cut how I wanted there and they speak English.  Since I knew I had to wait a few months to get my hair cut, I kept looking in the mirror to see how short I wanted it.  Then I decided I wanted it above my shoulders and Mom suggested we look into donating my hair.

If you have long hair and want to do something good, get a hair cut and make a hair donation.  Read more on

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Shave and a Haircut, Two Pence

Shave and a haricut - not too close to the earSo as all, or most, of you know, I keep my hair (what’s left of it) very short.  It’s easy to take care of, and I’m not wasting time trying to do the comb-over thing.  In the U.S., I would either cut it myself using some clippers, or I would go to the local Supercuts, We Be Cuts, or Rat-Tails, Mullets & More. Continue reading