How To Ride A Segway Granada Spain

During our summer break/vacation, we spent a week just outside of Granada, and on one of the days we ventured into town, we decided to do our first Segway Tour in Granada with Ensegway.  What was it like?  Was it fun?  What did you see?  I will answer all of those questions, but you’ll just have to keep reading.

How to ride a segway - Granada Spain

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The Almuñécar Friday Market

I just love Friday’s around our town of Almuñécar. It was dark when I awoke this morning, about 7:30am, and I went upstairs to check email and begin my day. Just out our picture window/ sliding glass doors, is our awesome view of San Cristóbal Beach.  An added bonus every morning is our view of a spectacular sunrise. Today was no exception,as nature was there to paint a perfectly colorful picture for me once again.
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Where It’s Made – Lavender

We are back with another Where It’s Made post, and this time it’s about something that looks beautiful, smells divine, and makes your skin silky smooth.  I am talking about Lavender!  We got the idea from some friends of ours who did the tour, and actually volunteered in the harvesting of the lavender.Casa Lavanda Continue reading

Almuñécar – Costa Tropical Video (Granada, Spain)

Almuñécar January 25, 2013Well we have been living in Almuñécar for seven months now and thought we would make a video of the area.  We just love how much there is to appreciate and explore in this small town.  Life in Almuñécar is a much slower pace for us and we just love it. Continue reading

Christmas in Spain -Dia de Los Reyes Granada

In Spain the Holiday Season doesn’t end with New Years.  In fact, many of the locals were most excited about January 6th, Dia de Los Reyes (Day of the Kings).  It seems this is the Grand Finale to the Christmas season, or the end of the 12 Days of Christmas.  The night of the 5th, children leave out their shoes.  When they awake the morning of the 6th, they find presents from the Three Kings.   Continue reading

Cave House in Granada Spain – Meet The Flintstones!

As you can see in the picture, the Flintstones haven’t changed much from what you remember from childhood.  They still look as young and lovely as ever. I know I know, Bam Bam belongs to the Rubbles, but not this time. This time Bam Bam and Pebbles are siblings and both belong to Fred and Wilma.   Cave House here we come….!

Cave House in Granada Spain - Meet The Flintstones (Wagoners Abroad)! This is our fun adventure of staying in a cave house new Cortes de Baza, Granada Spain. A great experience for the family and a unique place to stay. Read more on

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