What Happened To Speaking Spanish? Expat Confessions

It’s 2am, the bar is closing down and the young female manager has walked the last patron out the door.  She walks to the back of the restaurant and lets in the cleaning crew.  The crew consists of 4 cleaners from Mexico and they don’t speak a word of English, the manager doesn’t speak any Spanish.  This is a daily routine and over time they learn to communicate.  Through spending a little time playing charades, she was able to get them to understand, and after several weeks, the communication became a mix of charades and Spanish words.  This was her first taste of speaking Spanish.  Ah, the beauty of learning new things.

Speaking Spanish isn't coming as quickly as we would like. We really need to focus on learning the language and becoming more fluent. Read more on WagonersAbroad.com


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A Novel Way to Learn a Foreign Language Online

As a person who has tried learning a foreign language, it can be tough and slow-going.  There are a lot of different courses out there, but I’ve recently been exposed to a new offering called FluentU.  FluentU really provides a novel way to learn a foreign language online.


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Education in our Spanish Public School – Tutoring

I know you have loads of questions about Education in our Spanish Public School . We are trying to play catch up on some of these topics. On the first day of school, each of the kids brought home their individually made weekly agenda. They show what subjects are going to be taught in class each our of the day. The first week the kids were getting their sea legs on and attended all of the sessions.  While the class doesn’t move about the school to attend the different topics, they may have a teacher other than their own teach a particular topic. Continue reading

The Purple Chicken Challenge Days 1-7: Learning Spanish Language

As promised, here is my journal of The Purple Chicken 14 Day Challenge.

The games I play for Learning the Spanish Language.

Learning the Spanish LanguageDay 1 – I awoke this morning a nervous wreck knowing my post about the challenge was going to publish today. That means I really have to do this.  UG!!!  Maybe I can just cancel the post. After all,  I am a good 6 hrs ahead of the East Coast USA, so no one would know the difference.  In my mind I am just tormenting myself over this silly challenge of learning the Spanish language. Continue reading

The Purple Chicken 14 Day Challenge – Spanish Language

So we have been here in Spain for just over 2 months and we are by no means fluent in the Spanish Language.  We have made great progress and are very proud, but need to kick ourselves in the pants a bit more and get out there with the locals. We have met many expats while here. Some have been here a few months like us and others for 10-15 years and not many are fluent either! I can’t let that happen to me, I must improve. Continue reading

Please watch more TV

It is very encouraging that the kids are excited to learn Spanish.  They have such a desire to fully communicate with others and would love to just blurt it all out in Spanish, but we just aren’t quite there yet.  They keep complaining that they aren’t learning fast enough, but don’t realize it takes time for these things. We keep telling them it took years to learn English and they are still learning. Either way they want to learn more.

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Waka Waka Wagoner

The kids are learning Spanish!  Each Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2 they are pulled from their class, along with two Russian girls, to attend a special Spanish tutoring session. For the past 2 weeks, some of their “tutor homework” consisted of learning the Waka Waka song in Spanish.   Thought you may enjoy hearing what they have learned. As you can see, they are enjoying it!

Waka Waka Wagoner Version

Shakira’s video of the song

The Spanglish Stage

When we first arrived in Spain, we only spoke Spanish when we needed to. In other words to get food, accommodations, directions etc.  It wasn’t much different than being a tourist. We could get by and get the basics accomplished.  Now it was time to really study Spanish. Continue reading