A Taste of Spain – Feria Gastronómica de Almuñécar

One of the great things about Almuñécar, is that it seems there’s always some sort of fair or celebration going on.  This last weekend was no exception.  This time, it’s a celebration of food, and it’s called Feria Gastronómica de Almuñécar, or the Gastronomic Fair of Almuñécar.

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Feria Gastronómica de Almuñécar - Booths

My new favorite bar in the background

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Water Fight! Lanjarón Fiesta del Agua y Jamón

Lanjarón Water FightThe Big Family Dilemma

We had a big family dilemma!  There were two great parties on the same night. Which should we attend? June 23rd– 25th is the celebration of San Juan (Saint John the Baptist) and the night of the 23rd, at the stroke of midnight the 24th the fun begins. Continue reading