Reflecting On Living In Spain for 1 Year! & What is next?

I thought it would be great to reflect on the past year a bit and write something up for our 1 year anniversary.  Oh how time flies.  I can’t believe it, we have been living in Spain for a full year.  When we first decided to take a sabbatical / career break, we planned on living abroad for 12-18 months.  Of course the length of time was dependent upon us sticking to our budget, as we were living in Spain on a non-lucrative visa.  We officially weren’t allowed to work in Spain, so we took that to heart and have enjoyed the past year without any official paid work.  Happy 1 year Anniversary to Wagoners Abroad and Spain!

Living in Spain for 1 year

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6 Months Living in Spain – What were we thinking?

Well it’s official!  This family of self-made expats, on a “Career Break”, left the U.S. six months ago to embark on our Living in Spain adventure.  As with anything in life you have a plan and then let it evolve.  Our original Plan for Living in Spain isn’t too far off from where we still are, but we would love to delay the last point.  We will see how that goes over time. Continue reading

Do you see what I see? (Off in the distance)

Every morning and evening I love to sit on our terrace and just gaze at the sights. Off to the right is nothing but the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Occasionally we will see a cruise ship off in the distance. Other times cargo ships or sailboats.

view in distance Almunecar Spain


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