Twenty One (Blackjack) – An Educational Card Game For Kids

I give you all fair warning that this will be a different kind of post.  It’s about the card game Twenty One (Blackjack).  There, you’ve been warned.

One of the things that’s interesting about being a parent with multiple kids, is that I get to see different thought patterns at play, for example, boy mentality vs. girl mentality.  Last night I saw some interesting dynamics, which was kind of funny. Continue reading

5 Free Car Games For Your Family Road Trip!


We are a family of four from North Carolina and have taken countless road trips and airplane trips since the kids were born.  Our kids are now 8 and 10 years old and love travel games.  Over the years we have figured out how to make Family Road Trips “smooth sailing” and keep the entire family laughing too.  Don’t tell the kids, but they are also being educated at the same time with these car games.  If they knew this, they wouldn’t play the “games”.  We can modify all of these new bingo games to suit our international travel as well.

5 Free Car Games - Your kids will love these travel games for your road trip. Read more on

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A New Game is Born on the beaches of Almunecar

In the course of embracing Spanish culture, we speak the native language, eat regional foods, and play the local sports.  But sometimes, that’s not enough.  Sometimes it’s necessary to break the confines of habit, culture, and norms.  To that end, Anya and I created a new sport which will challenge “customary thought” on what a sport actually is.

A new game is born, and it’s called…

Ri-Sea Ball

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