Pass The Paper – The Odd Differences In Spanish Schools

Hey, its Lars today I will be writing about some, uh what’s the word, different things in school. First of all in Spain, the schools are not fancy; they are very basic and plain. About a month ago, my parents had completed some paperwork and enrolled me in a school. My parents were given a list of supplies: a “rubber” (eraser), 6 rolls of toilet paper, and some note books.

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Do you see what I see? (Off in the distance)

Every morning and evening I love to sit on our terrace and just gaze at the sights. Off to the right is nothing but the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Occasionally we will see a cruise ship off in the distance. Other times cargo ships or sailboats.

view in distance Almunecar Spain


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Pinch me, is it real? Each day we are still amazed that we are living our dream!

It feels surreal as we are walking around town or sitting at a little outdoor café. We are here, we are living in Spain!  Oh, what a feeling that is. I could spend hours just people watching and listening in on conversations. Trying to figure out what is being said, what people do and where they are going.

The other morning, Alan had a Dr. appointment and I waited outside at one of the many sidewalk cafés available. I just planted myself down and for a measly 2, I ordered a cafe con leche and tostado con marmelada.(YUM) It was warm and sunny.  I made sure when selecting my seat, I faced all of the foot traffic to people watch to my heart’s content.

I was also fortunate enough to have others at the tables near by. The table next to me were 2 German men (I guessed that by eavesdropping). At the table behind me was a very elderly woman with a cane sitting alone. Another lady came to join her and I could instantly tell they were speaking French. Oh it was so much fun trying to figure out what they were saying. It’s funny I took 2 yrs of French in high school, yet I know far more Spanish. Either way, I understood some of what they were saying and now I can’t wait to go to France too.

I love the diversity in our little town, there are people from all over the place. Of course mainly Spanish, but also a good population of German, Dutch, French and English as well. Oh, this is so exciting and we are so happy to be here.  We haven’t had a dull moment to speak of. The people are so friendly and the views are to die for in every direction.  I am one Happy Camper!

Little Differences, Big Differences – Food in Spain

So one of the things that I knew would be different would be Food in Spain.  Obviously, there’s going to be new food.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a Foodie.  I’m not as bad as I was, but I’m not overly ambitious when it comes to trying new things.  So along those lines, it’s nice to have some of the ol’ familiar fare.  Things from home as it were… Continue reading

Someone’s knocking at the door

We live on a little street just wide enough for a small car to park (about 2 inches away from the wall) and a small car to pass by (perhaps driving on the curb).  It is about 1 block long with alternate small streets to choose from there. There is very little traffic, excluding those that live here. The kids love to walk around and explore. They feel all grown up and independent! We don’t know many people here yet, thus not many visitors.   Continue reading

First Day of Public Spanish School?

First Day of School – not Monday

So it’s Monday night, and I’ve filled out the (hopefully) last of the paperwork. Tomorrow, we’ll get up early (8AM is early for us), and turn it in. So after a good night’s rest, it’s 7:58, and Lars comes bounding in the bedroom. “It’s time to wake up! We need to turn in the paperwork so we can start on Wednesday.” Continue reading