Ships Passing – One Downside To A Travel Lifestyle

Each night, we sit in our living room and have a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea.  While it is dark, off in the distance we see lights passing by.  These are often cruise ships or some other type of ship making their way from one place to another.  It is also symbolic of our daily life and our travel lifestyle.

Ships Passing - One Downside To A Travel Lifestyle.  After 3 years with a travel lifestyle, we are touched by all of those we have met along the way. No matter how brief our encounter, good-bye is difficult. Read more on

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1000 Days Of Our Dream Life! We Are Giving Away Prizes!

Wagoners Abroad decided to take full control of their life and live their dreams, 1000 days ago.

It is time to celebrate 1000 Days of our Dream Life!  We are having a giveaway full of amazing prizes.  We love that you have been along with us on our journey and it is time for us to give you a big Thanks!

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Nearly Two Years Living In Spain – Thoughts From Anya and Lars

Nearly two years living in Spain and it’s time for us to move on to our new adventures.  We had a rough time the last couple of weeks and it was a very emotional time for us all.  The kids finished school, Lars graduated from 6th grade and it was all really hitting home that we were leaving.  We of course shared with you a few things we will miss, and that we prefer to say “see ya later” rather than goodbye.  Our time wouldn’t be complete without a final “Living in Spain” video interview with Anya and Lars.

Nearly two years living in spain

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1 Year Living In Spain – Interview With Lars & Anya

As you know we have just celebrated a great milestone for the Wagoner Family

1 year Living in Spain!

Yipeee.  We have tried to video interview the kids throughout the year and that just wouldn’t be complete without the 1 year interview.   We did things a bit differently this time.  We have the Q&A in the first half of the video and then the kids speaking Spanish with each other the 2nd half.
1 year Living in Spain - Interview with kids

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Coincidence, Luck or Meant to be, what do you think?

Have you ever felt like it was just mean to be?  I mean, have there been just too many coincidences for it to be just luck?  If it was meant to be, does that mean it was fate or destiny? You know when it  feels like it was a lot of work at the time, but upon reflection seemed too easy to be true.
Coincidence, Luck or Meant to be, what do you think?

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