Morocco With Kids – 13 Tips for Marrakech

Upon arrival into Marrakech Morocco, we didn’t instantly fall in love.  As Alan described in our Driving in Morocco post, it was dark and there was an instant unfamiliar buzz and chaos.  Here we will share with you some tips for Morocco with kids, specifically in Marrakech, but these tips would work for most tourists spots around the globe.  As with any destination, regardless of their economics, you need to use your common sense.  We do understand, at times, it is easier said than done. Continue reading

Taste of Morocco – Lars Enjoying The Moroccan Food & Drink

When it comes to experiencing new things, we all have our favorites.  Alan and Anya are always up for a new adrenaline rush and if it looks like a thrill they are all over it.  I am always up for joining in with the locals and just being part of whatever local tradition is happening.  When it comes to trying new foods, Lars is the taste testing Man!  He loves to experience and taste new foods.  He is far more courageous than the rest of us, and an inspiration to get us to go beyond our food comfort zones. Continue reading

Our Accommodation In Morocco – 7 nights, 4 locations

Riad Dar Limoun Amara Door

When we take a trip many people ask where we have stayed, as well as the price.  We don’t think of ourselves as the type of family that is bare bones with accommodation, nor are we the 5 star resort regulars.  We tend to stay in places that are comfortable with each of us having a little elbow room.  We don’t need many of the bells and whistles, but we do need wifi, and running hot water.  An extra bonus is when breakfast is included or we are in the ideal location for activities.

Well on this trip we managed to sneak in a little bit of everything, partially due to our unexpected change in itinerary.  I will give you list of where we stayed and a little about what we thought. Continue reading

One Week Morocco Itinerary – The Plan & What Really Happened

I guess you have figured out that I like to plan, or at least appear that I am planning.  Truth be told, I am really a “Go with the Flow” kind of person, but with researched options at the ready to help our Morocco itinerary 7 days.

What happens when you plan a one week Morocco itinerary and Mother Nature has something else in mind? You get to see two, a Morocco itinerary 7 days each.  Read more on

Continue reading