Learning Spanish – The Tools We Use

So many people think that learning Spanish is next to impossible, but we don’t agree.  We have found some tools that have made a world of difference for us while living in Spain.  No, we aren’t perfect and please don’t give me a written spelling test! Our goal was two-pronged: 1. To immerse the kids, so they can become fluent. 2. Parents will do our best to improve our Spanish and communicate our needs. ( I will confess I had high hopes of becoming fluent) Continue reading

Anya Gets Inspired



Yesterday Anya arrives home from school and overhears me speaking to the neighbors about our summer travel plans (in the works).  She walks up and joins the conversation and mentions that she wants to add some places to our summer journey.     Continue reading

What will you do about education in Spain for your kids?

This is a tough one and as with all of our plans, we have a Plan A, B, C and combo plans.  With each decision in this process it is more like a decision tree to figure out what we will do for education in Spain.  You make one choice to an option and that leads you down a path with yet more options.

Learning Spanish Language at School in Spain - Education in Spain

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