Creature Consumption In Bangkok Thailand – Eating Bugs

If you recall, Lars decided to create an eating bugs challenge for himself.  He wanted you, our readers to vote on which bug/critter/creature he should eat.

Eating Bugs Choices:
Beetles, Black Crickets, Brown Crickets, Grasshoppers, Scorpions, Tarantulas

Bangkok Creatures - 12 year old Lars Eating Bugs in Bangkok

You need to watch the video to watch Lars eating bugs and see which critter won! Continue reading

Which Bangkok Bug Should Lars Eat This Week?

As you know, Lars loves to try new things, especially food.  Well, he has an entirely new world to choose from here in Thailand and he is just going nuts trying new things.  We have sampled many new fruits, but that was ease. Lars has now decided to attempt to eat some of the local creatures we are seeing on the streets.  Well, not on the streets, but in carts for sell on the streets of Bangkok.  He wants you to help him decide what to try.

Vote by Wednesday midnight eastern time. Continue reading