How To Sell on Craigslist – Declutter Your Life

How to sell on Craigslist

Third and final “Craigslist Cleanse” for our move to Spain.

Our 1st and heartiest cleanse was in December. We really did a deep dive to sell all items that were excess, bulky, or provided storage for our clutter. Continue reading

How did we adjust to downsizing from a 4500+ sq foot home to a 3 bed apartment?

downsizing isn't so bad

Our daily routine for the summer.

Adjusting to Downsizing

Okay, so we were very spoiled and had a fantastic home.  We were now living in a 3 bedroom apartment about the size of our Master Suite plus an extra bedroom.  We thought we sold so much and did a great job of de-cluttering, but the remainder needed to fit into the apartment or storage. Continue reading