Cost Of Living In Spain For A Family Of 4 – All Expenses Shared

We lived along the beautiful southern coast of Spain from August 2012, with a trip to Asia in the mix too.  In Spain, we live in a small town named Almuñécar and we use this as our home base to explore more of Europe as well.  We kept track of every expenditure along the way the first couple of year and have shared our cost of living in Spain with you.  This page is a compilation of our expenses in Spain and how much it really costs for our family of 4 to live in Spain.  We have more recent updates included too.

What is the cost of living in Spain for a family of 4? We've captured all of our costs for a year to share with you. Including a 6 week European road trip! Read more on

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Costs of Living in Spain Budget – Actual Spend (Months 8,9 &10)

We are now in our 11th month and it’s time to provide you an overview/summary of our costs of living in Spain and our actual spend from the last Quarter.  This post happens to cover months eight, nine and ten or Quarter 2 of 2013.

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