Accommodation Spotlight: B&B Casa 9 – Almuñécar, Spain

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Front DoorImagine weaving your way through the narrow pedestrian-only streets, of the seaside town of Almuñécar, Spain.  As you take each step you admire the patterned stone work on the path, the buildings, fountains, and plazas beaming with history and the castle perched on the hill above.  There is a buzz of people going about their day while picking up their bread at the local bakery and catching up on the daily gossip.  You weave your way through the maze and on to Calle Alta del Mar, you arrive at B&B Casa 9, with flower lined windows.  You eagerly knock on the age-old large wooden doors, which have greeted visitors for hundreds of years.  The doors open and you are greeted with the friendliest smile in town, by your host Daizie.

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What’s That On San Cristobal Beach? – Almuñécar, Spain

Almuñécar has a beautiful paseo along the beach and we especially love the one near our home along Playa San Cristobal.  The kids and I were out for a walk and a swim the other day and noticed something just beside the paseo in the sand.  It was big, scary and an interesting sight for Almuñécar.  It was a big crocodile.

Sand Scultped Crocodile on San Cristobal Beach Almunecar Spain

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The Best Shawarma In Almuñécar Spain

As the Non-Foodie in the house, it’s always a pretty big deal when we find a place to eat.  It’s a real bonus when the place is inexpensive (Heidi really likes that!).  It figures that once we know we’re moving, we find an awesome restaurant.  Before I delve into all of the details, I need to acknowledge two people who were instrumental in us finding this place.

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Wagoners Abroad Travel Blog Readers In Almuñécar!

This is our 400th Blog post!

So, I was thinking it’s the perfect time to celebrate You!

When planning our move to Spain nearly 2 years ago, we envisioned meeting new people and making new friends in our town.  We started our travel blog to keep family and friends informed of our adventures and experiences.  After 20 months in Spain, we have done just that.  We have made some fantastic friends here in Almuñécar, but there was something we didn’t expect.  We had no clue that by becoming a travel blogger, we would become friends with traveling families from all over the world, and actually meet some of them in person too.

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Pops Of Color In Southern Spain – Almuñécar

We’ve had a very busy, yet wonderful past couple of weeks.  We will tell you all about it soon and you’ve already seen a little about our trip to Budapest on the blog.  We can’t wait to return someday, as it was a beautiful city.  We’ve been enjoying our time with family and friends visiting (Grandma Linda and Marg) and today was our first day waking up without them here. Continue reading

The Silliest Things Excite Us!

Monday we spotted cake mix and frosting at our Mercadona (Betty Crocker). It is crazy expensive, but it is here and we love ya Betty!

Today I found corn meal at Al Campo! Cheap too, just 1€25.  Yeah, now we can make corn bread and chili.

Now they start to get some things we miss, when we are scootin’ out of the country in a few months.

Betty Crocker Cake mix in Almunecar

What ‘s In The Water? Something Exciting!

My day started as a pretty typical day.  I was up too late writing blog posts and up far too early, this time before even a hint of sunrise.  As usual I started by responding to email and blog comments and then I noticed the one sole star out in the dark sky.  I started to get my camera to take a photo.  You see, my Mom loves these types of moments and I wanted to capture it to share with her.  Just as I was changing the settings on the camera, the sun started to give signs that it was coming.  Continue reading