Córdoba – A Great One Day Itinerary

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Looking for what to do with just one day in Córdoba Spain?  There are times when you just want to get away from the normal routine.  A week-long vacation may be out of the question, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a quick weekend trip to take in some culture. If you only have 1 day in Córdoba, don’t worry as it is just the sort of place for a great day trip, short weekend or you can also easily enjoy a full week for your vacations to Córdoba. Córdoba Coat of Arms Continue reading

Meeting the Lobos

We’re wrapping up our awesome weekend getaway to Córdoba, and Heidi and I wanted to surprise the kids with something unusual.  Over the past few months, several families have visited us here in Almuñécar, and we decided to be the ones who traveled to meet a family.  We read about this family online, and just had to visit.  Who are we meeting?  We’re meeting the Lobos!

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Top Notch Service, Location and History – Apartamentos Alberca, Córdoba

We have been living in Spain for 15 months and still had yet to see the Mesquite in Córdoba, so we planned a last-minute weekend getaway.  We knew this was a great town to park the car and enjoy the weekend by foot, but it was time to find that perfect place to rest at night.  We prefer to book an apartment, so we can have a little extra space as well as a kitchen.  This really saves on spending too much eating out and it is nice to have cold drinks handy.  We also wanted to be sure we were in the old town area, so we wouldn’t need to use the car.  After scouring the internet, we happened upon the Apartamentos Alberca and it looked like a gem.  Reservations were made and we were on our way. Continue reading