Spring Cleaning Comparison Of USA and Spain

Easter has passed, which marks the beginning of my annual Spring cleaning!  Not to worry, I do clean more than just once a year (usually).  Yes, it is time to get rid of those little dust bunnies collecting under the bed, behind the dresser, and in the corner.  As well as the hand prints on the outside of the sliding glass door.  We can say good-bye to the cobwebs, which have formed on the ceilings and in those unused corners of the home.  And my favorite is, so long to the dust build up on the ceiling fans and base boards.

Spring Cleaning Comparison of USA vs Spain

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This would definitely NOT happen in the U.S. – (School in Spain)

While experiencing life here in Spain, I have been very deliberate with myself, and the kids, to not sound judgmental when commenting on the way things are done in Spain.  I don’t want to sound, and I don’t want the kids to sound whiney, but accept that different people do different things, or handle situations in a different manner. Continue reading