Adventures with Anya – Scorpion Tailed River Cruise & Secret Garden

I hope you enjoyed reading about our tour on the Scorpion Tailed River Cruise in Chiang Mai. We met a very nice couple, Carolann and Macrae.  It was fun hanging out with them.  Not only did we go on a cruise, we went to a secret garden. I really liked the garden and the guide had all sorts of great info for us to learn.  In my video, I share some of what I learned with you.

AA Scorpion Tailed

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Bo Sang Village – Saa Paper Umbrella Making Chiang Mai

Who doesn’t love something colorful and handcrafted?  Well, just about 9 km outside of Chiang Mai, on San Kamphaeng Road is “the handicraft highway”.  Here you can find many handicrafts.  We were seeking out the umbrellas, but you can also find silk, weaving, silverware & gem factories and showrooms.  Thanks to our fellow traveling friends, the Ullan Family’s recommendation, we set out to see how Saa Paper Umbrellas were made.Just outside of Chiang Mai Thailand is the hadicraft highway. Let us take you on a visit to Bo Sang Village - Saa Paper Umbrella Making. Read more on


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Hungry Hungry Hippo – Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

Time to get up close and personal with a few more animals.  This time we got to feed the hungry hungry hippo at the Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium.   It is about a mile from our house, so early one morning we walked over and checked it out.  Upon arrival, it was nice to see the beautiful and lush jungle surroundings.

Hungry Hungry Hippo - Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium

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Twists, Turns, Pokes, Oh My! Alan’s First Thai Massage

Yes, it’s another first for me in Thailand.  One of my birthday gifts was to get a massage; my first Thai massage.  Now when you think of Thai massage, what comes to your mind?  No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of massage.  I’m talking about the real kind. Continue reading

We Didn’t Know This Happened At The Movies in Chiang Mai Thailand

It’s another first for the Wagoners!  We went to see our first movie in Chiang Mai.  Our first movie in Thailand!  We live very close to a swanky mall called MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center, and they have a nice looking theater.  Lars didn’t really care what we saw; he just wanted to see a movie!  So what did we choose? Continue reading

A Peek Into Our Chiang Mai Apartment – Video

As you know, Chiang Mai Thailand is our home base for the next few months and that means we don’t need to live in a hotel or guesthouse!  We have a kitchen, and space to stretch out.  We each have a backpack and a carry on, so we were unpacked in about 20 minutes!  We will do a post in the future the process of our hunt, but we keep receiving requests for more info on our apartment.  So, let me tell you a bit more about what we selected.

A Peek Into Our Chiang Mai Apartment

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Night Train From Bangkok To Chiang Mai Thailand – An Experience

If you recall, prior to hopping on the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, we’d already spent over 10 hours traveling.  Yes, that was already 10 long hours in heavy rains, on the shuttle, ferry, and bus, just to reach Bangkok from Koh Chang.  We also didn’t have any luck with purchasing tickets in the sleeper car or with AC.  Nope, we were going in second class seats with a fan for 15 hours!  Let’s just say none of us were overly thrilled, but it seemed the easiest and least expensive way to reach Chiang Mai.

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