Finding a Short-Term Rental In Chiang Mai Thailand – The Search

When planning our year of nomadic life in Southeast Asia, we knew we would want a couple of locations to stop for a few months.  At least we know our limits and style of travel and realize that we don’t do well when we move fast or nonstop. We preselected 2 locations to spend 3-4 months each, Chiang Mai, Thailand and Penang, Malaysia.  We selected these locations based on loads of research as well as reading about the experiences of many other travelers.  Most of which weren’t family travelers, so that left a little to our imagination.  This should help the family travelers!

Rental in Chiang Mai Thailand

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Two Day Slow Boat On The Mekong River with Kids!

When researching our options to travel from Chiang Mai to northern Laos, there were a few options to choose from, including a two day slow boat.  We could take the 22+ hour bus journey (14 hour bus to Vientiane, Laos, transfer and then hop on another bus for 8 hours to Luang Prabang).  We could fly or we could do the bus and boat combo.  Each option came with its pros and cons, but much thought went into what was best for our family.  Oh and don’t forget, for this portion of our journey, my 72-year-old mom is moving along with us. 2 day slow boat thailand to laos with kids Continue reading

Family Friendly Places To Eat In Chiang Mai Thailand

The food options in the Nimman area are endless, but we just want to share our favorite places to eat in Chiang Mai with you.  Much of what we have listed is in the Nimman area, as that is where we lived for 3 months.

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Accommodation Review: Swiss Lanna Lodge Chiang Mai

 Welcome Home!

From the moment we walked in the door, we felt like family.  We were greeted with hugs and fresh juice for all.  We noticed our names up on the chalkboard in the dining area and just loved that extra touch.  Ms. Toto really showed how much she cared about her guests and the staff was just wonderful too!

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Chiang Mai On A Stick

No matter where you go in Chiang Mai, you will see people eating food on a stick.  It is amazing what is available to you and how much can be eaten from a stick.  I will be the first to admit, we don’t know what most of this food is.  Nope, we haven’t ventured too far off the familiar path and tasted much of it either.  So let’s take a look at what you will find in Chiang mai on a stick.

Chiang Mai on a Stick Title

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Need An Optometrist in Chiang Mai?

It was time to take care of a little more family maintenance in Chiang Mai and this time it was for the eyes.  Lars wears glasses, so we knew we would need to get his eyes checked while we were in Chiang Mai.  Just about anywhere you are in the city, you can find an optometrist.  Between your teeth and your eyes, you should be sitting pretty in this city.

Optometrist Chiang Mai Maya Lifestyle Center

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Chiang Mai Meditation Retreat With A Buddhist Monk

When we did the Monk Chat, we found out that they provide a Chiang Mai Meditation Retreat Workshop.  It sounded interesting, so it was decided that Lars and I would the ones who would be learning to meditate.

Meditation Retreat Chiang Mai- Are looking for the Chiang Mai Meditation Retreat with a Buddhist Monk? We have the info you need right here Mediation retreat in Chiang Mai Thailand. Read more on

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