5 Days of Celebration In Almuñécar – Día de Andalucía and Carnaval 2014

Let me just start by saying “I love our Spanish town of Almuñécar”.  As with most places in Spain, there is always something to celebrate and this weekend was no exception.  The town is full of tourists and there is an energy we just love.  For the past 5 days, we have been partaking in parades, parties, friends and tourist sites.  I will just warn you, I am wiped out, so be prepared for me to just ramble on in this post.
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Carnaval La Heradura – Our Grand Finale

Carnaval La Herradura (9)The Carnaval season has sadly come to an end.  We spent the kick of weekend experiencing Carnaval of Cádiz and had a wonderful time.  It was good fun to listen and watch the Chirigotas and be part of the Big Carnaval energy.  This weekend we were able to close Carnaval locally, in the small village of La Herradura.  This is just a 5 min drive from Almuñécar, so a no brainer for a Saturday night activity.  Continue reading