Look Who Turned 11 Years Old In Spain – Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday in SpainHappy Birthday Lars!

Now the entire Wagoner Family has celebrated a “Happy Birthday” while living in Spain. Now that he is 11, he isn’t a little kid.  It was a school day for Lars, so we celebrated after school was out at 2pm.  He requested Teriyaki Steak for Lunch along with a American Cake.  Luckily we have some cake mix and frosting from the U.S., so he was a happy camper.  The pièce de résistance was his gift.  Alan is taking him with VIP passes to a professional Fútbol Game this weekend! Continue reading

My First Spanish Birthday Party

Let me clarify.  Technically, I wasn’t invited; Anya was.  But, it is the first time I’ve attended a Spanish Birthday Party here as a parent.  Now that we’ve cleared that up, I can get into the details of the experience.

I asked Anya what I should expect.  She shrugged her shoulders, rolled her eyes, and said, “It’s a birthday party, Dad”.  Fair enough.  Ask a stupid question, get a smart-alecky answer.  I was trying to do my homework though. Continue reading