How Much Did That 6 Week European Road Trip Cost?

This is the question many of you have asked and I bet many of you wanted to, but didn’t want to invade our privacy. How much did your European Road Trip Cost?  Don’t worry, if you have a question for us, just ask!  We are sharing our experiences, stories, budgets with all of you.

Summer European Road Trip Cost

Not only to keep a record for ourselves, but to show you it can be done.  We want to share it all with you for inspiration, to help you prepare, plan or even think differently about your dreams and desires.  So ask away, don’t be shy.  Okay, so now let’s get into the 6 week road trip cost as we traveled around Europe, the ride of our lives.Toulouse France Ferris Wheel

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See Austria – Part II (Austrian Tourist)

Welcome to Part II of our See Austria series.  I’ll assume that you’ve already read Part I.  It’s a new day in See, and I decided to go pet some of the locals.  Wait…what?  Yes, pet the locals.  You see, just outside our kitchen window, we could see two cute donkeys (a mother and baby).  The owners were feeding them, so I decided to say “Gutentag” to the people, and possibly give the donkeys a scratch.

Checking out the donkeys

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On Our Way to “See” Austria – Part I

I’ll admit it…I was sad to see Italy go.  We had a lot of fun there, and saw a bunch of really cool stuff.  Since I’m being so honest, I’ll also admit that I was a bit ambivalent about Austria.  I had done absolutely no research at all about where we were going, and what we were doing, so I guess I’m the one at fault.

So once we had crossed the Italy/Austria border, we all needed to stretch our legs, and do the Bio Break thing.  Immediately, Austria sucked me in.  As Lars and I were walking into our first Austrian tourist shop, I saw something that made me think that Austria was going to be awesome:

We're going to like it in Austria!

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6 Week European Road Trip – 2013 “The Reality”

We did it!  We took a 6 Week European Road Trip and had a blast. We are now home in Almuñécar, Spain and catching up on laundry and some much-needed rest.  Now we will have time to actually write about all the cool things we did.  I will provide you with a quick summary here and then over the coming weeks we will share some of the highlights of our Summer Road Trip.Summer 2013 Road Trip - Europe

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