First Day of Public Spanish School?

First Day of School – not Monday

So it’s Monday night, and I’ve filled out the (hopefully) last of the paperwork. Tomorrow, we’ll get up early (8AM is early for us), and turn it in. So after a good night’s rest, it’s 7:58, and Our son comes bounding in the bedroom. “It’s time to wake up! We need to turn in the paperwork so we can start on Wednesday.” Continue reading

Registration for Public School in Spain

As of Friday morning we had all of the required paperwork for registration for school in Spain. We finalized out rental contract Thursday afternoon and stopped by the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) to obtain our Certificado de Empadronamiento (register as official citizens of the community). Continue reading

Registering with the Authorities in Spain

We are making great progress.  Better than I expected.  A month before we left the U.S. for Spain, I met with a colleague who had taken his family to Spain a few years earlier. Actually, what happened is that whenever I told someone at work what we were planning, they would invariably ask me, “Oh, do you know Alec? He did the same thing…”

Almunecar Town Hall - Ayuntamiento

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Americans Living In Spain = Stop #1 Barcelona

We flew into Barcelona and stayed there the 1st two nights. We had free flights using our miles and this is where we could go for the desired dates, so we decided to start our year off with a mini vacation.  We really had just one full day to explore the city, so we decided to use our rental car and just drive.

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Adjusting to expat life in Spain – the first few days


I know you are curious how we are adjusting to life in Spain. So far no problems with the Language. I wouldn’t say we sound like locals, but people seem to understand us in general. That said it is all tourist type stuff thus far (hotels, food, parking, directions etc).

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