Seek Out This Ice Cream Shop In Almunecar Spain

I am seaside, it’s rather warm outside, bordering on hot, and yet I am being refreshed.  It is at this moment that I recognize that a great injustice has been done.  There is no Nobel Prize for cooking, and by extension, the person who invented ice cream missed out on the accolades and recognition deserving of such a huge discovery.  Therefore, it is with great reverence that I advise you to seek out this ice cream shop, as we think it’s the best in Almuñécar!

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A Taste of Spain – Feria Gastronómica de Almuñécar

One of the great things about Almuñécar, is that it seems there’s always some sort of fair or celebration going on.  This last weekend was no exception.  This time, it’s a celebration of food, and it’s called Feria Gastronómica de Almuñécar, or the Gastronomic Fair of Almuñécar.

Spanish Food feria-gastronomica-almunecar-food

Feria Gastronómica de Almuñécar - Booths

My new favorite bar in the background

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The Best Shawarma In Almuñécar Spain

As the Non-Foodie in the house, it’s always a pretty big deal when we find a place to eat.  It’s a real bonus when the place is inexpensive (Heidi really likes that!).  It figures that once we know we’re moving, we find an awesome restaurant.  Before I delve into all of the details, I need to acknowledge two people who were instrumental in us finding this place.

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