Hurry And Ride The Bamboo Train In Battambang Cambodia!

A few years ago I read about the bamboo train in Cambodia and I was fascinated with it.  It sounded like a fun experience that needed to go on the bucket list, if and when I ever made it to Cambodia.  Back then, it was a far off dream to ever visit Cambodia and look were we went!  As part of our last few days our of a month in Cambodia, we made it to Battambang and rode that Bamboo Train!

Bamboo Train Battambang Cambodia blog

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Dirtbike Tour In Siem Reap With Goshen Adventures

There are a few things that we miss from the U.S.  The most common thing is food, but for me specifically, I miss having a motorcycle on which to rip around.  We’re currently in Siem Reap Cambodia, so when I saw a sign that read Goshen Motorcycle Adventures, I knew the Motorcycling Gods were looking favorably on me.

Alan & Lars ready to head out!

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