Accommodation Spotlight: B&B Casa 9 – Almuñécar, Spain

B&B Casa 9 Almunecar Front DoorImagine weaving your way through the narrow pedestrian-only streets, of the seaside town of Almuñécar, Spain.  As you take each step you admire the patterned stone work on the path, the buildings, fountains, and plazas beaming with history and the castle perched on the hill above.  There is a buzz of people going about their day while picking up their bread at the local bakery and catching up on the daily gossip.  You weave your way through the maze and on to Calle Alta del Mar, you arrive at B&B Casa 9, with flower lined windows.  You eagerly knock on the age-old large wooden doors, which have greeted visitors for hundreds of years.  The doors open and you are greeted with the friendliest smile in town, by your host Daizie.

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Freebie Accommodation Around The World! Become A Housesitter

If you know Wagoners Abroad, you know we like a good deal.  About a year or two ago, I stumbled upon a few people mentioning they were staying in great homes and sometimes in exotic locations for free!  I was thinking “I want to do that too!”.

Freebie Accommodation! Become a Housesitter Today

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Apartamentos Alberca, Córdoba -Top Notch Service, Location and History

We have been living in Spain for 15 months and still had yet to see the Mesquite in Córdoba, so we planned a last-minute weekend getaway.  We knew this was a great town to park the car and enjoy the weekend by foot, but it was time to find that perfect place to rest at night.  We prefer to book an apartment, so we can have a little extra space as well as a kitchen.  This really saves on spending too much eating out and it is nice to have cold drinks handy.  We also wanted to be sure we were in the old town area, so we wouldn’t need to use the car.  After scouring the internet, we happened upon the Apartamentos Alberca and it looked like a gem.  Reservations were made and we were on our way. Continue reading

This American Family of 4 Experienced Our First House Sit!

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A couple of years ago when we began planning our adventure living abroad, I kept reading about others traveling to great locations with FREE accommodation.  They kept mentioning that they were doing a House Sit and I thought to myself “Wow, how did they get so lucky?”  Then over time I found that there were a few websites that help you with the process of finding a house to sit as well as finding a house sitter.  I will share a little about where to find a house sit and then a little about our first house sitting experience.

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How To Choose Where To Live in Spain (Scoping Trip)

Planning a holiday in Spain?  Need Accommodation on the fly or in advance?

In the Spring of 2012, we arrived for our 8 day Holiday in Spain (A Scoping Trip before our actual move to Spain).  This was our trip to compare what we have seen on-line to “real” life.  We wanted to choose where we were going to live in Spain.  We had quite a bit of ground to cover and came prepared with our criteria.  We only made a few advance plans:

  1. Our flights in/out of Madrid
  2. A rental car for 8 days
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